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Grow in your faith and knowledge of God's Word. Growing in knowledge is vital, but it's about more than just information.

It's about truly becoming an obedient student or as the Bible puts it, a disciple. To the believer, God's Word transcends from letters in black ink on white paper into a living Spirit that gives fresh inspiration and revelation.

It is vital as milk is to a newborn or meat to the mature. God's Word is truth and the basis for all schools of thought. Truth is not meant to "puff" the head for the public display of intellect but rather the display of power in your struggles, your personal growth, your studies, your work, your family, your church and your community.

Prepare to learn basic, foundational principles that will equip you for a rewarding life with the ultimate purpose of training you to in turn teach others.

The Leadership Institute is our school for your growth plan. The goal is to:

- Teach new converts basic tenants of the Christian faith
- Teach mature Christians meat from the Word of God
- Provide a Christian worldview that all believers can stand up for
- Teach ongoing leadership, growth and development to all believers of all ages

To grow is to be an overcomer, a super achiever and an equipper of others so that your life can be counted among those that make a difference in their lifetime.

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Grow In Your Spiritual Walk
Grow In Your Spiritual Walk
Leadership Institute
Leader: Ceci Torres
Email: grow@spiritlifechurch.net
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