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Getting connected is all about wanting to go beyond just sitting in church and becoming a necessary part of a body. Getting connected means that you now can draw vitality from other organs as well as contribute to the health and functionality of the body. You can be whole and no longer have to do things on your own. You do that by getting involved in spirit-filled, bible-based, family-oriented, hell-hating, hungry for God church such as ours.

Here at Spirit Life Church, we believe that church membership has been grossly misunderstood.  There is more meaning to becoming a member of a local church than simply agreeing to a set of doctrines, getting baptized, voting at church meetings, and having your name listed in a church directory..

The truth is, only Jesus can qualify you or should we say call you out of the world and into His church which is the “Body of Christ”.  The Early church was vibrant and powerful.  The book of acts records seven key principles that were evident in the lives of the first century believers.
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Welcome to Spirit Life Church  "Spirit Life Church is a place where the whole family can experience Spirit filled worship together, the love, forgiveness and life-changing power of God!"
Experience the phenomenon that everyone is talking about.  Spirit Life church was birthed out of a desire to entertain and attract Jesus first and foremost.  The services are filled with life-changing testimonies, passionate praise, deep worship and powerful preaching!

Our heart's passion at Spirit Life Church is to draw people into a more intimate relationship with The One and Only True God.  We desire to reach those that are lost, as well as strengthen and support Chrisitians who already know Him as their Savior.

Spirit Life Church International is a Bible Based, Spirit Filled, Multi-Cultural church in Phoenix, Arizona
We, as a church body, have a true heart of worship and praise.  One of our desires is that you would join us in ushering in the presence of God as we worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. The Word says that God inhabits, dwells in and delights in the praises of His people. Spirit Life Church crosses gender, nationalities and age. We have a wide diversity of cultures from all walks of life, but when we stand before God, we stand united as one people. To look out over a congregation filled with so many people groups from all social statuses, all serving the Everlasting God as one voice, is truly an amazing site to behold.  We  believe that no one is beyond redemption and we are all saved by grace.Spirit Life Church is dedicated to helping you to discover what your God given talents are and how we can help you fulfill His destiny for your life. We are the army of God and we believe everyone has a purpose and a place. God has a plan for each and every life and one is not greater than the other. Come and get the spiritual Christian inspiration and the emotional stimulation that your spirit and soul needs. Catch the fire with us!  Join us in our Spirit filled services.

Discipleship Program
"...He gave you gifts to be used to filfill the great commission."
Here at Spirit Life Church we are passionate about helping you in the development of your part in the body of Christ and your purpose in this life.  Every member is unique and necessary to the optimal perfermance of the entire church body.  Isn't that exciting!  We believe God has called you here to get equipped and fulfill the call of God in your life.

Family Support
We believe that spiritual growth is directly tied to a commitment to the body of Christ and therefore we encourage the whole family to be a part of small groups which we call "Fellowship Groups".  These are designed to get people together so that they can become friends, and share in the joys and struggles of

Christian life.
You can find out more about these groups and please be encouraged to join one of them today.  I am sure you will experience and enjoy the blessing of new and Godly friendships right away and find your life filled with the Joy of the Lord.
Spirit Life Church International
3444 N. 19th Ave. Phoenix, AZ  85015
P: 602-996-7900
O: 602-996-9100

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